Beyond Helios:

This collection was created as part of Beyond Helios, my 2017 Solo Exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery at NSCAD University. Styled as an exhibit at an ethnological museum in the far future, this collection is inspired by imagined deep space, science fiction characters:

In the mid 20th century CE humanity first began its exploration of space and by the early 24th century CE new worlds had been colonized all across Sol’s Interstellar Neighborhood. Humanity continued its expansion and, by the late 34th century CE, humanity had not only spread past the Local Galactic Group but the Local Supercluster as well.
This exhibition features jewellery from humanity’s settlement and continued exploration beyond the Sol Stystem, our originating star system. Beginning in the early 21st century CE with artifacts from Earth and extending through the late 36th century CE, this retrospective is composed of jewellery for the daily needs and activities of starship captains, intergalactic settlers, ambassadors, high priestesses, warriors, and hackers.
cuff APFJ filigree silver Subsea Cuff